Driver Feedback Signs

How Do They Work?

Due to the number of Driver Feedback Signs (DFS) installations combined with the volume of data collected, each DFS has its own dataset. DFS report accumulated data in 15 minute intervals. 
  • Vehicle speeds are captured/reported in speed intervals (bins) 
  • Speed range/interval for the bins are determined by parameters/settings set for the DFS (Minimum/Maximum Speed Detection Setting)
  • Two speed values are recorded for every vehicle - a Highest Speed Detected and a Slowest Speed Detected (explaining why there are two vehicle counts)
  • The bins go from Bin 1 to Bin 10. Bin 1 can also be referred to a LO BIN and Bin 10 can also be referred to as HIGH BIN.

Driver Feedback Sign Locations

DFS Devices

Please note the following important points about Driver Feedback Signs. 
Driver Feedback Signs (DFS):
  • are not traffic counters
  • have a minimum detectable speed of approximately 6 km/hr
  • have a maximum (theoretical) detectable speed of approximately 225 km/hr
  • are programmable with different parameters that can also follow a timed schedule.