Exhibition Lands

Insight Community Survey Results

Exhibition Lands was one of several topics covered in the January 2018 Mixed Topic Insight Community Survey. The survey was open from January 9 - 16, 2018.
At the time the survey was launched, survey invitations were sent to 7,122 Insight Community members.
A total of 2,297 respondents completed the survey:
  • 2,187 members (or 31% of the invited Insight Community members).
  • 110 other individuals who accessed the survey via a link.  No demographic information was gathered for these 110 individuals.
To view the survey questions, click on the following link:

Question 1:

A brief description of the Exhibition Lands potential was given and what feedback has been collected regarding the potential.
Respondents were asked to rank their level of agreement on a scale of 1 to 5 or Don't know to the following strategic planning principles:
Engage authentically with the community and business community
Optimize financial return on investment                                 
Realize best practices in transit-oriented development and advancing transportation mode shift
Advance the City’s environmental sustainability                                                      
Pursue social and economic outcomes
Celebrate local heritage and cultures
Include viable and innovative ideas into concepts and plans
Optimize lands by pursuing highest and best use                                           
Overcome challenges; do not be constrained by on and off-site challenges
Optimize the transformational potential of the site’s scale, assets, and location

Question 2:

Respondents were asked to select all that apply to the following:
"I am..."
Option: A resident of the area
Option: A person who travels by transit in the area
Option: A person who travels on foot or bicycle in the area
Option: A person who drives to destinations in the area
Option: An interested Edmonton resident                                                
Option: An owner/operator/employee of a business in the area
Option: A representative of an organization/group                                  
Option: An interested citizen who lives outside of Edmonton

Option: Other

Question 3:

Respondents were asked to selection one response only to the following:
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