Enjoying Edmonton - River Valley

Our River Valley

Did you know that Edmonton is home to the largest urban park in Canada? It is our River Valley! This natural wonder has more than 160 kilometres of maintained pathways as well as 20 major parks.
The River Valley forms a "Ribbon of Green" that winds its way along the North Saskatchewan River and through the heart of the city. It features natural areas, paved and natural trails, and amenities.

We divide our valley system into distinct areas and seasons:
River Valley Maps

Trail Information

As you can well imagine, the 160 km of maintained trails will not always be in their best condition. This could be because of branches laying across them due to a storm or even being washed out completely due to heavy rain.
This is why we have a map, updated every hour, to provide you the near real-time conditions of all City maintained trails in the River Valley.



Many of Edmonton’s parks have picnic tables available for use on a first-come, first-served basis.
However, if you wish to guarantee a picnic site, make a reservation in advance.

Biking / Blading

Biking / blading are fabulous activities that get your blood pumping and can take you from one side of the River Valley to the other!  Whether you’re interested in a leisurely ride to take in the beauty of the River Valley, or you seek a few thrills along the way, biking / blading has something for everyone.

Walking / Running

The River Valley boasts over 160 km of trails that are waiting for you to use them! One of the most scenic ways to experience the trails is by walking, jogging or running. You’ll have a chance to hear the wildlife and take in the natural scenery as you make your way along the pathways. 

Water-based activities are always exciting! Please refer to this site for information concerning these activities on the river.