Cycling in Edmonton: 2017

Cycling has always been a popular activity in Edmonton 

And why not? We have over 170 km of trails in our river valley alone! Running beside the beautiful North Saskatchewan River and its contributing tributaries, these paths connect many areas of the city and make beautiful routes for weekend adventures. 
But cycling can be more than recreation....

Edmonton's Transportation Master Plan outlines specific goals and timelines for transportation.
One goal aims to get 25.9% of Edmontonians commuting sustainably by December of 2018.
Goal: Public transportation and active transportation are the preferred choice for more people making it possible for the transportation system to move more people more efficiently in fewer vehicles.
- "The Way We Move" Transportation Master Plan

To help this happen, the city has made changes

Improved 311 Cycling Categories

We've added new categories (listed in the legend below) to 311. This allows you to more easily report issues affecting cycling, and it allows us to direct those issues to the right staff faster.
With the increase in bike lanes this summer, we're also seeing an increase in the number of cycling issues reported. Click on the image below to see an interactive visualization.

Protected Bike Lanes Downtown

network of protected bike lanes has been installed in Edmonton's downtown core!
Click on the image below to learn more about the project's history, bike network tours, the network's new traffic features.                                                                     

We're also...

- Installing protected bike lanes on 83rd Avenue;

- Continuing development of the 102 Avenue bike route;

- Establishing crews dedicated to clearing snow and controlling ice on downtown bike lanes during the winter;

- Adding bike parking, like this little fella!

And the number of cyclists is rising!

Downtown building managers, cyclists and volunteers are monitoring the number of cyclists parking at 37 private and public bike parking facilities downtown this summer. We're combining these counts with weather information and air quality data to learn more about how, where and when Edmontonians like to cycle.

Explore the data below to learn more.

Want to keep the momentum going? Here are some ways you can help.

Request a bike rack

Did you know that cyclists spend more money at businesses than drivers do? Request a bike rack for your business! 
Just click on the image below and fill out the request form.

Share your ideas

We want to hear about your experiences using the bike network as cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, businesses, and residents.                                                                          Click on the image below to fill out our survey.

Come to the party!

We're celebrating all this success with a party, and we want you to come!                                                                                                            
Click on the image below to learn more.

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