Council Code of Conduct

Insight Community Survey Results

Council Code of Conduct was one of several topics covered in the March 2018 Mixed Topic Insight Community Survey. The survey was open from March 20 - 27, 2018.
At the time the survey was launched, survey invitations were sent to 7,507 Insight Community members.
A total of 2,180 respondents completed the survey:
  • 2,169 members (or 29% of the invited Insight Community members).
  • 11 other individuals who accessed the survey via a link.  No demographic information was gathered for these 11 individuals.
To view the survey questions, click on the following link:

Question 1:

A brief description of of the rules and expectations for Code of Conduct were provided to respondents. Then respondents were asked to select only one response to the following question:
"Do you think any other topics should be covered by the Council code of conduct?"

Question 2:

"Respondents were asked to select all penalties that they think would generally be appropriate for a breach of the Code of Conduct."
  • Letter of reprimand addressed to the Councillor                
  • Requesting the Councillor to issue a letter of apology
  • Publication of a letter of reprimand or request for apology and the Councillor’s response
  • A requirement to attend training                                                                                           
  • Suspension or removal of the appointment of a Councillor as the Deputy Mayor or Acting Mayor
  • Suspension or removal of all or some the Mayor’s presiding duties
  • Suspension or removal from all or some Council Committees
  • Reduction or suspension of remuneration corresponding to a reduction in duties
  • Verbal warning
  • Return of property or reimbursement of its value
  • Restriction on contact with City staff                                                    
  • Restriction on travel and representation on behalf of City Council
  • Restriction on how documents are provided to member (e.g. only watermarked paper copies for tracking purposes)
  • Other (please specify)                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • No sanctions or penalties should apply

Question 3:

Respondents were asked to select one response only to the following question:
"Should members of Council be able to receive gifts for personal use?"

Question 4:

Respondents were asked to select one response only to the following question:
"Should members of Council have to disclose any gift or personal benefit they accept?"