Apps are everywhere

Most of us use apps daily to assist and enrich our lives.
Here below you will find a growing list of apps that have been built using our open data. 

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Edmonton Photo Radar

The app that notifies you of radar locations as you drive around the city of Edmonton.

Various Applications

Check out what this skilled enthusiast has built using our open data!

Edmonton 311
The Edmonton 311 App makes it easy to report your concerns while you're on the go.
Edmonton Recreation Centre
View drop-in program schedules by date, location and instructor or add classes to your calendar!

Plan your trip, set reminders, get notifications about disruptions.
Real time bus tracking using near-real-time GTFS data.
A unique, animated, interactive bird's eye view of all of buses. 

TruHome Match
TruHome helps automate the process of finding an Edmonton home. By generating results based on home buyers needs, we take the guess work out of the home buying experience.
Assessed Values
A very cool build that provides a higher level view of how taxes have changed from one year to the next. 
Comparison years are 2015-2016.
Building Age Map
Through our participation with data enthusiasts in Edmonton, we recently came across a request to redeploy the Chicago Building Age Map for Edmonton. View the City of Edmonton’s Building Age Map.

Got an app?

If you've built an app using our open data or simply found one that uses our data, please let us know and we would happy to highlight it on this page.

Thank you from the City of Edmonton Open Data Team!