Scheduled Automated Enforcement Zones

Scheduled Automated Enforcement Zones

Automated enforcement is expected to be operating at the locations indicated. Please be advised that automated enforcement may be used at other locations within Edmonton as well. Locations selected for enforcement may be removed or added as determined by weather, road conditions, roadway closures or construction, equipment issues or other unforeseen circumstances.

This map shows all scheduled Automated Traffic Enforcement Zones in Edmonton. It is updated every Friday for locations planned for the following calendar week (Monday thru Sunday). 

Scheduled Automated Enforcement Zones Details

This map shows details of all Scheduled Automated Enforcement Zones in Edmonton.

White markers indicate clusters of multiple site IDs that are very near, or identical to one another. Hovering reveals a tooltip that displays summary information about that cluster. Clicking reveals colour-coded subpoints that can be hovered over for individual site ID details.