Driver Feedback Signs and Speed Surveys

Traffic Safety
We at Traffic Safety are happy to provide you with data relating to Driver Feedback Signs (and speed surveys) in Edmonton. Our Road Safety Strategy made Vision Zero our priority, of which automated enforcement plays a key part. 

But Everyone Speeds
Driving over the speed limit increases your chances of being in a crash, shortens the time you have to react to avoid a crash, increases stopping distance, and increases the severity of injuries in a collision. Speeding, even a little above the limit, puts lives at risk, especially pedestrians and cyclists. 
Just Keeping Up With Traffic
A common excuse people give for speeding is they were just keeping up with traffic. Driver Feedback Signs (DFS) provide instant reminders to drivers to watch their speed. This reminder saves people from receiving speeding tickets and reduces collision risk.

Driver Feedback Signs

Speed Surveys

There are over 200 Driver Feedback Signs (DFS) installed around the city. These units collect data as traffic approaches them and in some cases may display a message or a speed that is being detected. These units are radar based and can only track one vehicle at a time, the one with the strongest signal. Due to the number of DFS installations combined with the volume of data collected, each DFS has its own dataset.
Speed surveys are done with sensors placed on the roadway directly in the traffic lane(s). These sensors are typically left in place for seven days and provide accurate speed and traffic volume information. The data is used to assist with decision-making regarding speed enforcement, road design, and possible traffic calming measures where required. Speed surveys are not done in the winter months.

Show me the Data!

If you are interested in the raw data, please click on the picture below.