Tips for Using the Interactive Map

The interactive map uses filters to help you explore the uPLVI. Each filter can be selected independently or filters can be used together – just remember to reset any filters you do not want to organize the data by!

The following filters that have been set up include:
  • A drop down list of feature types (more information on these feature types can be found in the uPLVI Interpretation Manual) including:
    • Primary Land Cover Type
    • Primary Site Type
    • Vegetation Stand Type
    • Leading Natural Tree Species
    • Natural Wetland Type
  • Search by:
    • Municipality
    • Edmonton Neighbourhood
    • Optional: Ward
    • Optional: Dominant Site Type

If you are less interested in viewing the map and more interested in area calculations, you also have the option to explore the data by clicking on the Chart tab labelled “C” to the right of the screen.
Remember though – these charts are linked to the map, so be sure to clear any filters you do not want to use as they will be reflected in the map when you go back to it.

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